Execution Control: Improving cloud-based application implementations.

Make the delivery of your cloud-based software even better in 2020.

Too many technology-enabled change programmes  struggle  to deliver on their promise and some just simply fail.  Whether judged on benefits delivery, or achievement of time, cost and quality,  the rate of  success is lower than it should be.  Historically, and even the latest research reports still highlight, in excess of  60%-70%  of business application projects  fail to deliver on their business case¹. 

Usually, the finger of blame is pointed firmly at the application vendor and their implementation partners. In reality, we all know even if nobody chooses to acknowledge it, the balance of responsibility rests fairly evenly with all parties – software vendor, partner, and clients.  

“But…” you say, “hasn’t cloud deployment made things easier?”.  That was one of the promises of cloud, after all. The evidence suggests “not”.

Clients, software vendors, and partners are still struggling to deliver consistently.  Vendors are constantly maturing, evolving and enhancing their products.  Partners and vendors are trying to embed good delivery practices alongside the applications and technology, encompassing “agile”-style approaches to improve time to value.   

But everybody’s learning, maturing their practices; implementation project managers and their teams are adjusting to “cloud & agile” thinking.  Most software vendors and their partners are struggling to turn isolated exemplars into pervasive success. 

Two heads are better than one.

Searchlight Consulting powered by Hydra Cloud  offers a powerful combination of expertise in technology-enabled change and a robust programme, project and portfolio management  (Execution Control) cloud platform to help enterprise solution vendors, their partners and, of course, their clients to achieve even more successful and predictable implementations of cloud-business application projects.   

Improved customer success means better control of revenue recognition for “cloud-based” offerings – an important measure not only for day-to-day financial health but also company valuations. 

This combination of an enterprise project delivery cloud platform (Execution Control) and integral expert services provides the capability needed to increase vendor and partner project delivery success by up to 55%² and reduce “time to value” by 21%³, all of which drives customer satisfaction, retention and improves revenue recognition. 

2020 is the year to improve the implementation of cloud-based business applications

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[1] Source Computer Weekly. Chances of success with SAP are only 50-50 | Published 28th February 2018.  

[2] Source Hydra Cloud.  Kerridge increased number of projects delivered with existing resources by 55%. 

[3] Source Hydra Cloud.  Through continuous improvement, Polycom reduced their project lifecycle by 21%. 

Searchlight TeamExecution Control: Improving cloud-based application implementations.