Strategy Alignment and Target Operating Models

Achieving meaningful and sustainable change starts with knowing what you want to achieve and following a logical path to describing the journey that will be required bring about that change. Our experienced team will help you to:

  • Define the strategic objectives that the change is going to address
  • Describe the future mode of operation that will deliver those objectives
  • Assess the gaps to be closed; the improvements to be made to realise that future target operating model (TOM)Strategy Alignment and Roadmap
  • Distil the conclusions and prioritise
  • Define an initial roadmap and the options to be evaluated
  • Produce the proposed implementation roadmap

Through these logical steps, Searchlight will help you put the spotlight on what you need to change and for what purpose. We will ensure that you can describe …

  • The changes in terms that provide your organisation and stakeholders with a rationalisation and justification for change
  • A clear statement of intention and direction
  • Pragmatic portfolios of work for both IT and business change initiatives that align to the stated business strategy
  • And a pathway to delivering the business outcomes that individually and collectively will get you from where you are today to where you want to be in the future

Our Strategy, Architecture and Planning services are suited both to clients who need a high level of support from the beginning & throughout their business planning cycle, and to those simply looking for an independent perspective on plans they have already started to develop.

We do not work in isolation and so will not deliver a report at the end of an engagement that you feel no ownership for, which is destined just to end up as ‘shelf-ware’. Rather, we work with you through the steps required to achieve meaningful and sustainable change.

Searchlight TeamStrategy Alignment and Target Operating Models