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Searchlight helps businesses use IT to work smarter, simplifying & automating their working processes so that they’re more effective & efficient. Learn more

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Using our ID2 framework, Searchlight helps clients create a vision for the future and accelerate sustainable changes for tomorrow. Learn more

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We reduce the risks of IT enabled transformation and ensure programmes generate the maximum value by shaping and managing the implementation of optimised IT programs based on fully aligned IT and business strategies. Learn more

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Our clients are CEO’s, CFO’s & CIO’s on the Boards of companies who recognise they need help navigating the complex & uncertain world of IT transformation.

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As a CxO, is your data future-ready?

Data has always been essential to the running of any businesses. Ancient man used clay tablets to record the numbers of animals bought and sold; our more recent forebears created ledgers and files of information stored on shelves and in filing cabinets. These days, of course, it’s all on a chip or in the Cloud.

Designing GDPR Compliance into your business operations

Join Searchlight Consulting and QualiTest Sept 13th 2017, 4PM BST for a discussion in designing GDPR compliance into your business operations. With GDPR, the rules regarding the processing and maintenance of European personal data are about to undergo a tremendous transformation, requiring changes to both human and digital processes, putting your company in extreme financial

Accelerating digital transformation

Digital can be seen as both an opportunity and a threat. In this whitepaper, Searchlight Consulting provides a practical framework for organisations to transform at pace by drawing on extensive digital transformation experience, real client scenarios and industry themes. Successful digital transformation requires more than credible technical delivery capability – senior executive alignment and an

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