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gaining alignment

Searchlight helps businesses use IT to work smarter, simplifying & automating their working processes so that they’re more effective & efficient. Learn more

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driving innovation

Using our ID2 framework, Searchlight helps clients create a vision for the future and accelerate sustainable changes for tomorrow. Learn more

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reducing risk

We reduce the risks of IT enabled transformation and ensure programmes generate the maximum value by shaping and managing the implementation of optimised IT programs based on fully aligned IT and business strategies. Learn more

our clients

Our clients are CEO’s, CFO’s & CIO’s on the Boards of companies who recognise they need help navigating the complex & uncertain world of IT transformation.

Learn more about how we help by reviewing our client case studies.


Migrating Business Applications to the Cloud – White Paper

The world of IT has come a long way since the birth of modern computer technology in the 1940s. Back in the days of punched tapes, Williams tubes and magnetic drums, no-one had any idea where the technology would take us – hence the oft-quoted comment from IBM’s then president, Thomas Watson in 1943, “I …

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November’s Searchlight Hub – spotlight on Innovation & Digital

Highlights from our recent Searchlight Hub event at which around 30 Associates met to discuss our spotlight topic of Innovation & Digital Disruption. Hubs are quarterly events for our network of Associates, presenting an opportunity to share information, knowledge, develop new ideas and above all network.

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