Role – COO and Operations Management

Process effectiveness, optimisation and automation are top of today’s chief operating officer’s agenda.

While obviously still accountable for the day-to-day running of manufacturing, logistics, supply chain or, depending on industry, retail operations, buying and merchandising, COOs have to be deeply embedded with change, technology and business improvement.  Technology-enabled change is increasingly at the heart of business improvements across the organisation, and while the COO has to oversee improvements to facilities, plants and warehousing, they also need to take a lead in sponsoring and driving technology-enabled improvements.

Through our services, Searchlight helps COOs to deliver:integrated operations

  • Working capital optimisation
  • Improved demand planning and supply chain management
  • Operations process optimisation and automation
  • Cloud ERP and supply chain technology modernisation
  • Business efficient regulatory compliance and control

With Searchlight’s help, COOs can adapt to the digital world and lead the way in optimising and automating business processes.  Embracing modern business applications and implementing innovative technologies to drive down costs and improve customer service.  Using information and monitoring controls to ensure that business operations are not only performant, but also able to deliver quality and compliance efficiently.

Searchlight TeamRole – COO and Operations Management