Business Efficient Regulatory Compliance

Complying with regulation and being in control of processes, data and access to information is critical for every business.

Effective Governance Risk & Compliance (GRC) puts risk management at the centre of business operations. It combines real-time monitoring of controls, reporting and analytics to help companies comply with regulations and prepare for unexpected events, as well as driving overall business process improvement.

Searchlight helps organisations to achieve:Compliance Cycle

  • Compliance rigour and prevent fraud with financial controls, including spend management, billing and revenue management.
  • Continuous and preventive compliance with GDPR, Sarbanes-Oxley, GxP and other industrial regulations.
  • Prevention of risks in the management of system-roles and user life-cycle.
  • Continuous improvement in the efficiency and effectiveness of the control environment.
  • Better executive visibility and reduction of the non-compliance risk
  • Transparent and strategic decision making

Staying on top of changes and being alert to quickly spot problems can be a huge drain on resource. Technology can reduce that burden, allowing risk professionals to spend more time adding value to the business instead of manually identifying issues.

We recognise that the pursuit of Operational Excellence and Digital Transformation cannot ignore nor be successful without paying attention to enterprise risk, process and data compliance and controls.  Automating how risk, compliance and controls are defined, monitored and improved across the enterprise is paramount to every organisation’s success.

Business value is ultimately tied to business performance. Searchlight can help design successful business and IT GRC programmes that are tightly aligned with the strategic objectives of the organisation, and have the engagement of the right stakeholders across Risk, Ethics and Compliance, Audit, Legal, Finance, Operations, IT, and Security.

Searchlight TeamBusiness Efficient Regulatory Compliance