How we can help

Focussing on three major areas – migration to cloud-based ERP/Enterprise Solutions; business efficient compliance and control, and strategic digital transformation, we help clients to:

  • Align digital, applications and technology strategy to strategic business objectives;
  • Conduct effective solution selection and commercial engagement
  • Set up and run change projects and programmes
  • Prepare for life post-implementation, designing and establishing target operating models for technology management and benefits realisation projects/programmes.

We provide independent advice, guidance and capability that:

  • helps those who perhaps do not know where to start or how to frame their particular problem or opportunity;
  • provides access to experience and capability to lead and run projects;
  • provides a second opinion or expert mentoring
  • realigns and rescues failing programmes, getting to the heart of root causes of project failure.

Through our engagement, clients increase value, reduce risk and accelerate delivery of technology-enabled change.

Our experienced consultants help navigate the challenges and risks involved; we identify new opportunities to drive success, unlock the potential of IT – new and existing, to ultimately help clients:

  1. drive innovation to improve business efficiency and effectiveness
  2. unlock value from technology investments
  3. improve customer engagement
  4. enable business growth

How we can help

Bryan OakHow we can help