Industry Expertise

Searchlight’s experience and track record is not limited to a specific industry sector.  Many of the challenges that we help clients to address are shared across organisations in different industries.

That said, having deep exposure to our clients’ industry models, processes and use of business technology helps us to add more value.  Clients don’t want and shouldn’t need to spend time educating consulting and services partners on their industry and business operations. We bring significant expertise in:

  • Retail & ecommerce, including omni-channel/multi-channel supply chain & order management, ePOS & loyalty platforms, digital products & services apps
  • Cloud ERP, demand & supply planning, inventory optimisation, buying & merchandising for
    • Wholesale & distribution
    • Manufacturing & supply chain
    • Consumer products (CPG), fashion, food & beverage
  • Finance, workforce & project management, procurement, HR & payroll for:
    • People-based & asset intensive industries – construction, utilities, social & healthcare
    • Project-based professional services, marketing & software services

We bring our industry experience and business understanding, coupled with our knowledge of enterprise solutions market and expertise to define and deliver technology-enabled change.

This means we:

  • Take less time to comprehend your business
  • Quickly focus in on priorities, issues & opportunity areas
  • Use prior experiences to shape the problem or challenge statement
  • Recognise that technology is just an enabler, our independence & business focus means we do not lose sight of broader opportunities for organisational & process improvements
  • Get to short-lists of appropriate solutions more quickly using market knowledge, network relationships & access to research
  • Inform decision making & improve results because we know how to ask informed questions & provide constructive challenge to all parties
Searchlight TeamIndustry Expertise