Programme and Project Delivery

Searchlight specialise in strong programme management and solution leadership for all technology-enabled change initiatives, working with enterprise solutions (ERP, CRM, BI), integration platforms, legacy systems and the latest digital technologies.  We recognise that our Clients’ businesses and the technologies they seek to deploy do not all have the same characteristics:

  • ERP systems are inherently tightly integrated, so favour a more “waterfall” style of deliveryProject Delivery
  • Agile delivery is aided by “separation of concerns”, modular or component-based structures, and is well suited to business needs and technologies that can utilise and deliver incremental or layered capabilities
  • Business Unit processes, legacy systems and applications architecture influence logical groupings of function/capability that deliver both meaningful value and feasible scope for a given Project Release
  • There is an overall need to look at chunks of scope, e.g. using Epics and User Stories, from the perspective of functional independence and interdependencies

These example factors affect the meaningful process and functional scope of a Release for a particular Business Unit or functional area.  For this reason, we do not believe that there is a “one size fits all” delivery model, and take a flexible approach to frameworks and methodologies (waterfall, agile, scrum, scaled agile, etc.), tailoring our approach to fit with each project’s context and needs.

We remain independent of any specific regime to ensure we incorporate best practices and practical experience; our approaches employ iterative techniques to reduce the testing/learning cycle; develop scope statements that enable the delivery to be “chunked up” into multiple releases, and focus, first and foremost, on a project’s business objectives to deliver faster “time to value”.

We provide senior level delivery managers who balance hard project delivery techniques with excellent leadership, team building and stakeholder management. They will work with responsible business owners, enterprise and solution architects, technical delivery teams and other partners to determine the “best fit” approach for a specific technology-enabled change delivery endeavour.

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