Future proof your business – Getting the basics right

Future proof your business – Getting the basics right

Through a series of highly interactive sessions, PEX Europe Spring 2018 offered the opportunity to learn, share and challenge everything you need to be a business of the future, with leading industry peers.

Searchlight led a workshop focusing on ‘getting the basics right’ before starting an end-to-end process transformation.

In this blog we highlight the key takeaways from the day as a recap for those that attended and the main learnings for those that didn’t.

Our visual scribe provided us with a creative illustration of our workshop.

5 things to help you become a business of the future

  1. Set the right context, vision and objectives for your programme​
  2. Review your business operating model and examine the capabilities required to become a truly customer-centric business​
  3. Understand the root causes of problems within today’s processes; the opportunities to improve and deliver strategic business objectives, before you change or automate​
  4. Align all stakeholders behind the programme and empower them to make end-to-end decisions based on a framework of governance and trust​
  5. Understand why your personal leadership is imperative to successful, strategic business transformation

What are the tangible business benefits?

By implementing these simple steps our clients have achieved key benefits including reduced working capital and improved customer service in complex manufacturing, retail and consumer supply chains.

Aligning your strategy to business capabilities and identifying how technology enables the strategy, can realise significant operational performance benefits; enable revenue growth, and make it easier to integrate acquired businesses into a common operating model.

If you would like to know more about how to move your business to the next level and keep up with the pace of change with an effective technology-enabled business strategy, please get in touch.

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Searchlight TeamFuture proof your business – Getting the basics right