Searchlight Team

Driving an effective data transformation

At Searchlight Consulting, we provide guidance in aligning business, digital, application and technology strategy delivery approach, and management of portfolio programmes. Ultimately, helping businesses to upgrade their operational and digital capabilities to better serve their clients. Typically, with data transformation at the core of programmes and projects. Here are some key tips and insights we

Your Journey to the Cloud – Part 3: Optimisation & Improvement

In Part 1 of the “Your Journey to the Cloud” guide, we covered Cloud Assessment & Planning. In Part 2, we covered Cloud Transformation & Implementation. This final part covers ongoing Optimisation & Improvement. Cloud Optimisation & Improvement Having delivered your new cloud capability, it is time to embed and build on your achievements so

Planning Cloud Strategies for 2022

With all the upheaval that has happened over the last two years, most organisations will have jumped into or accelerated their move to cloud application. However, not all this activity will have been fully planned, or backed with a clear cloud strategy and business case. With survival at stake for many companies, a ‘Just Do

The path to avoiding digital transformation failure

Delivering technology programmes can be difficult, but if pitfalls are avoided through planning, and action executed effectively, organisations will deliver transformative outcomes. Take a look at our infographic below which shares our advice on getting transformation right first time. Download as a PDF

The pillars of successful transformation

Communication, consistent wins and accountability are the pillars of any successful transformation programme. While this sounds simple, it is rarely achieved. Often, as larger transformation programmes are undertaken, support for these programmes does not permeate the entire organisation resulting in diminishing returns. Below, I detail how this tends to happen and how, through using the