Driving an effective data transformation

At Searchlight Consulting, we provide guidance in aligning business, digital, application and technology strategy delivery approach, and management of portfolio programmes. Ultimately, helping businesses to upgrade their operational and digital capabilities to better serve their clients. Typically, with data transformation at the core of programmes and projects.

Here are some key tips and insights we have gathered along the way.

What can you achieve through data transformation?

  • Enhanced visibility of data into the business, enabling greater responsiveness to changing market trends
  • Secure data storage to minimise the risk of breaches
  • Embed a proactive alerting and monitoring to identify any data issues early
  • Save time in manipulation of data through automated processes introduced
  • Teams empowered to review insights based on data gathered, to drive better-informed decision-making

Key steps to focus on in your data transformation

Establish a decision-making framework

Establishing a single view of data and moving away from data processing, can help gather streamlined insights to inform business solutions. To do this, you may need to migrate multiple raw data sources and databases into a single data model. We recommend identifying an appropriate strategic information management platform to support this integration, we have worked with many companies to help them evaluate the best platform to meet their needs.

Bringing together multiple data sources and databases, and rationalising reporting solutions can be an arduous task, but it is a worthwhile investment of time and effort. You will create standard and consistent automated data loading processes to ensure an efficient and secure storage system for data. In turn, improving the data quality and enabling multiple options to present the data, making it easier for business teams to consume.

Ensure robust data analytics capabilities

To further streamline operations and ensure strong data analytics, you will need to consider the cloud analytics capabilities. By replacing legacy reporting solutions and using interactive data visualization software, such as Power BI, you can embed a system to automate data refreshes, to enable near real-time data analysis, supported by monitoring and alerting capabilities. This will turn data sources into coherent, relevant, and actionable insights.

Support effective adoption of tech

It’s one thing to introduce new tools and technologies, however, your team will need to be trained to ensure they are using these appropriately and effectively. We work with clients to facilitate super-users training sessions, this is focused on enabling a sustained delivery and management of data analytics needs.

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Searchlight TeamDriving an effective data transformation