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Guide to Mergers & Acquisitions Part 1: Identify & Assess;

Corporate mergers and acquisitions are a vital part of keeping our economy vibrant.  They do this by building greater value through better leadership, management and releasing untapped potential through focused investment.  However, according to the Harvard Business Review: “Companies spend more than $2 trillion on acquisitions every year, yet the M&A failure rate is between

Driving an effective data transformation

At Searchlight Consulting, we provide guidance in aligning business, digital, application and technology strategy delivery approach, and management of portfolio programmes. Ultimately, helping businesses to upgrade their operational and digital capabilities to better serve their clients. Typically, with data transformation at the core of programmes and projects. Here are some key tips and insights we

Your Journey to the Cloud – Part 3: Optimisation & Improvement

In Part 1 of the “Your Journey to the Cloud” guide, we covered Cloud Assessment & Planning. In Part 2, we covered Cloud Transformation & Implementation. This final part covers ongoing Optimisation & Improvement. Cloud Optimisation & Improvement Having delivered your new cloud capability, it is time to embed and build on your achievements so