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Retailers’ must take radical new approach to technology

Retailers' are not using technology as effectively as they could be and in some cases it is actually having a detrimental effect on their business, according to a new report from Searchlight Consulting.

IT’s A Balancing Act

Being a CIO today involves balance. The need to balance “keeping the lights on” while introducing new technologies.

Creative Aesthete or Control Freak?

Enterprise Architecture (EA) is a relatively immature profession, despite having been written about since the late 1980’s.

Looking from different perspectives!

It does not seem to matter what problem you are faced with, it pays to look at it from a variety of perspectives before jumping to a conclusion.

Curbing consumer promiscuity

Loyalty is about retaining (profitable) customers not boosting short term sales with the acquisition of promiscuous ‘deal seekers’!