Understanding today’s digital technology challenges

Organisations are modernising and adapting to new tech-focused environments at pace, with large investments in digital transformation. However, digital transformations can often lead to misalignments between strategy and business technologies. According to research by McKinsey (2018), only 16% of digital transformations succeed. The research goes on to highlight core factors to executing a successful transformation, including:

  • Having the right, digital-savvy leaders in place
  • Building capabilities for the workforce of the future
  • Empowering people in new ways

Appointment of Mark Cook as Non-Executive Chairman

Considering the critical need for strong leadership to help clients execute effective transformations, we are thrilled to announce the appointment of Mark Cook as Non-Executive Chairman at Searchlight Consulting. With over 30 years experience, Mark has a firm understanding of the digital technology challenges our clients are facing today. At Searchlight Consulting, we are experts at bringing clarity of purpose, direction and setting companies on the right path by aligning interventions and investment to business objectives, so they can make better business decisions, reduce implementation risk, and deliver value. Mark, who has previously held roles as Group CEO with global technology companies will help build upon Searchlight’s track record of designing and navigating clients’ business transformation initiatives.

Mark Cook, new Chairman at Searchlight Consulting believes; “Success is people, their personalities, their overall culture, how the change is managed, and how the client’s business processes interact with the digital technologies,” going on to add, “I am proud to join the Searchlight Consulting team, to help focus on the business objectives over the coming years and continue to build on how we can hold a customer’s hand through their digital transformation journey.”

Mark has strong expertise in driving conversations in the boardroom about increasing a client’s enterprise value, building technology roadmaps, programme managing digital transformations, consulting on data monetisation, and analysing business processes to enhance automation and robotics efficiency – to name a few!

Steve Sharp, CEO at Searchlight Consulting said; 

“I’m very pleased to have Mark on board, his skills and expertise in digital transformations will be key in helping our clients to succeed in complex digital environments, as they look to adopt new digital solutions and transform their businesses.”

We are focused on building trusted business capabilities and leveraging technology to drive business improvement, evolution, and digital transformation. Using our best-in-class approach to operating model alignment and governance, we prioritise and deliver the appropriate technology-enabled capabilities. We understand what is needed to successfully drive change. We drive evolution, accelerate growth, and allow organisations to realise the expected benefits of new businesses technologies, offering expertise in:

  • Alignment of business, digital and application strategy
  • Business technology modernisation, automation & RPA
  • Cloud business applications from adoption to optimisation
  • Data science and digital transformation
  • Efficient, regulatory compliant and cyber secure solutions
  • Frameworks for operating model design & capability uplift

We tailor teams to the client’s needs and using a unique business delivery framework, we shape, create, and accelerate the pace of change. Mark joins our Searchlight team of nearly 300 senior-level employees and associates, with high-quality experience across a multitude of industries, functional domains, and enterprise technologies.

Steve SharpUnderstanding today’s digital technology challenges

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