Transform at pace – tackle the issues that arise from business growth

How can high growth organisations continue to grow with the same positive trajectory of success and acceleration?

Whether your organisation has grown rapidly through organic growth or a recent merger or acquisition, to maintain the level of growth it’s essential to establish your roadmap. Through working with Wiggle CRC, amongst others, we have seen how rapid growth from a young entrepreneurial company, full of spreadsheets, requires transforming into a mature 21st-century retailer.

“We really wanted to jump into the 21st century. Taking a young entrepreneurial company and transforming it into a mature retailer, we could not have done that without Searchlight”
Jeff Wollen, Group CIO at Wiggle-CRC

Quick growth comes hand in hand with significant change. And, change brings with it the potential challenges of your technology capabilities no longer supporting your business strategy, a lack of internal capabilities or resources to support the growth and current ways of working that are unable to scale and keep up with business demands.

How can you make the best choice for your business and create a clear roadmap ahead?

  • Assess whether your business partners are the best fit for the new growth
  • Capitalise on the latest technologies and ensure that there is integration across the business to avoid misalignment of technology
  • Ensure you have employed strong leadership and are attracting the right resource
  • Maintain the customer at the heart of the organisation

Why Searchlight?

This is just an insight, at Searchlight we offer independent advice, our experts have a significant and broad knowledge of the marketplace and our scale up and accelerate program ensures you are addressing inefficiencies, exploiting opportunities, reducing risk and getting the most from your investment. Get in touch to find out more.

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    Searchlight TeamTransform at pace – tackle the issues that arise from business growth