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Fiberweb is a global manufacturer of a wide range of nonwoven fabrics and products for speciality industrial, construction and hygiene applications. Their products are found in many crucial applications: filtration, civil engineering, medical devices & products, railways, aerospace, buildings and agriculture. Fiberweb operates 8 production sites in 6 countries. They decided to launch a major business and IT transformation program to accelerate progress towards their medium-term financial goals by creating a best-in-class global systems platform to enable transformational improvements in business development, operational management and financial control.

The Challenge

  • All Fiberweb facilities were supported by legacy enterprise solutions, which were highly customised and there was little or diminishing in-house knowledge to maintain them
  • A complex ‘process manufacturing’ operation, based on milled goods, where a standard ERP solution must be complemented with manufacturing execution & shop-floor capabilities
  • An internal team had conducted a software selection process, moving from 5 different solution providers to a short list of Oracle & SAP
  • The final solution selection and Board approval was pending

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    Searchlight Role

    • Searchlight were retained to create a framework to help Fiberweb evaluate the Fiberweb ERP short list, which resulted in selection of an SAP solution
    • Searchlight worked with the CFO to create a view of the program scope and costs – presenting a range of options/budgets for Board approval
    • Searchlight worked with the SI, introduced by SAP UK, to create an appropriate commercial framework, with indicative costs for the global deployment
    • Throughout the program, Searchlight provided Board Advice to ensure the program remained in control and all parties delivered to their collective obligations

    Value and Benefit Delivered

    • Executive were fully supported to the to get them ready and to guide them through the project – using their Executive Alignment IP
    • The Client team was mobilised to prepare them for the pending business transformation
    • Balance was achieved between an aggressive delivery timeline and the quality of the required outcome, through working closely with the appointed System Integrator
    • Key decisions were made in a timely manner by supporting & guiding the Executive and Fiberweb program team

    Searchlight provided much-needed direction & focus to ensure that decisions were informed and timely. At all times, Searchlight’s consultants added value through the benefit of their experience of multiple global programs such as ours, helping us to focus on accelerating delivery whilst maintaining the quality of outcome.


    More Information

    Searchlight are experts at aligning business and IT strategy, shaping business transformation programmes and helping our clients build business and IT capability throughout the transformation journey. Contact us today to find out how our independent advice could help you grow, develop new capabilities and future-proof your organisation.



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