Cloud Business Applications & ERP Implementation – Best Practices

Cloud Business Applications:
Best Practices Uncovered

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Cloud ERP and implementation of cloud-based business applications are increasingly grabbing the headlines as a key enabler for business performance and digital transformation.  Over the past four decades, organisations have relied on business applications to achieve strategic objectives. Investment in an ever-changing array of applications has been critical in helping organisations to grow and thrive.

While much has changed in the business application landscape over these years, the core challenges remain the same. Today’s organisations are still faced with the question of how best to align digital, business and application strategies. How can business applications deliver greater efficiency, competitive advantage and value-added products and services?

This eBook explores the key challenges and best practice in business transformation, including leveraging cloud business applications to support business improvements and deliver long-term benefits.

In an increasingly competitive and fast-moving business environment, organisations are under enormous pressure to deliver ambitious improvement, optimisation and transformation initiatives.

Business applications are crucial in enabling these changes, but it is vital to remember that business applications are just one element of business transformation, and organisations must fully understand the wider organisational changes and decisions involved in delivering transformation.

Rather than asking, “How do we move this to the cloud?” the question should be, “How do we increase our competitive advantage, and could business cloud applications be an effective way to enable that strategy?”

Moving to the cloud is not in itself a business goal

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Practical Advice and Key Takeaways – Cloud ERP Implementation

In preparing this eBook, Searchlight Consulting invited 20 senior business leaders to share their approach to the challenge of using cloud business applications to enable their business strategy.

The contributors to this eBook include business leaders who are already navigating the journey to cloud business applications, including Cloud ERP implementation. However, that journey is not without challenges – half of our participating business leaders rated the success of their migration as a 7 out of 10, or lower. Most respondents agreed they are still evolving the way they deliver business change, and lessons have already been learned.

Building on the experience of our contributors, Searchlight Consulting highlights what needs to be done to achieve the potential benefits of cloud business applications and some of the pitfalls to avoid.

At Searchlight we observe that the greatest success comes from organisations with a clear sense of purpose. They have the support and culture that drives that mandate across the whole business community. Without it, the benefits of any technology enable programme can be eroded.

Steve Sharp, CEO Searchlight Consulting

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At Searchlight we help companies to make better decisions; helping to align business, digital and enterprise technology strategies. Then, by focussing on delivering against a strategy, we help organisations to implement technology-enabled change, including Cloud ERP.  Our clients experience significant benefits and increased confidence in their technology roadmap. If you would like to find out more, please get in touch.

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