The reality of Cloud

The reality of Cloud

Ensure that you dictate your roadmap at a time when you are ready, and not when you are forced to change by your software vendor.

It’s crucial for organisations to understand where Cloud does and doesn’t fit in their future roadmap. Whether it be an enterprise Cloud solution or a hybrid approach, organisations must ensure that they have the right capabilities to deliver the required business outcome.

In the next 5 – 10 years on-premise solutions will no longer be maintained by software vendors, and the direction of the market will continue to move towards Cloud. You can sweat the asset, but at some point, in the near future your software vendor will dictate a roadmap and take the choice of when you make the move to Cloud away from you. Searchlight Consulting believes that your business application roadmap should be led by business needs, rather than being forced by your software vendor.

Searchlight have worked with a range of companies to establish their Cloud IT operating model. We have helped them to implement a product roadmap that is a best in class solution for the business, enabling them to experience the full benefits of Cloud

Steve Sharp, CEO at Searchlight

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    The Vision

    The vision of Cloud is leveraging a roadmap that allows you to experience the benefits of a best in class product or business process, introducing new business capabilities that are appropriate to modern digital ways of working.

    Coupled with a lean IT operating model, this will allow you to move away from complex infrastructure management to a best in class outsourced infrastructure that is managed and provisioned to operate on a scale required by the business.

    The Challenge

    • Many Cloud vendors do not have a complete business solution and infrastructure that compares to the maturity of on-premise solutions
    • The products haven’t been implemented thousands of times whilst they are maturing rapidly, there are often gaps which offer a reduced capability in comparison to previous on-premise solutions
    • The solutions are not always fully understood by systems integrators and support partners
    • Businesses have not always fully understood the change in the operating model – both from a business or IT context
    • Business functions need to understand the limitations of Cloud i.e. they may not be able to make all of the changes they want and need to understand how the continuous updates will introduce changes and new functionality
    • There are challenges with updates which can impact the way companies operate

    Why Searchlight?

    At Searchlight we help companies to make better decisions. By focussing on delivering against a strategy using technology, we help organisations experience significant benefits and increased confidence in their technology roadmap. If you would like to find out more, please get in touch.

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    Searchlight TeamThe reality of Cloud