Roadmap for SAP Customers

Roadmap for SAP Customers – 2025 Planning & Preparation Readiness Assessment

Following SAP’s declared product roadmap and withdrawal of support for existing versions of SAP ERP/ECC running on non-HANA databases as of 2025, existing customers are faced with a dilemma of what journey to take and how to justify the business investment for any move away from their current systems and processes to embrace S/4HANA (or something else).

At Searchlight, we strongly believe that planning for 2025 needs to be business driven, with the technology aligned to strategic business objectives and not solely SAP’s push for S/4HANA adoption being the raison d’être used to justify change.

This questionnaire puts the spotlight on the critical factors that need to be addressed in preparing your roadmap.  By completing the questionnaire, you will get an independent perspective of how you are positioned and get valuable recommendations that will help you shape a roadmap that is best for your organisation; not just the one that SAP would like you to follow.

“It’s your roadmap, not SAP’s” – Complete the Readiness Assessment to get specific, individual feedback that will be a valuable input into your 2025 planning and preparation.

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