ID2 – Innovation, Information and Digital Disruption

By stimulating innovation and exploiting information and digital technologies, Searchlight’s ID2 service uses a five-step process to:

  • understand your business and customer
  • define problems and opportunities
  • explore solutions
  • support early prototyping and learning
  • accelerate the implementation of change to respond quickly in today’s rapidly changing markets. 
ID2 Stages Graphic V2

ID2 Five-Step Approach

Step 1 – Define & Challenge

ID2 starts with a blank sheet. It identifies the key issues facing the business, challenges assumptions and in doing so, identifies the true constraints on success. Problems and opportunities are understood and framed from a business perspective that encompasses people, process, information and technology.

Step 2 – Discovery & Exploration

Powerful creative techniques are used to spark new ideas and explore issues. In a playful environment, we ignore constraints, and develop innovative ideas, often by focusing on the value of information and digital technologies which are designed to improve business growth and develop a competitive edge.

Step 3 – Design & Develop

These ideas are used to design, develop and prototype or source possible solutions for growing the business, breaking into new markets and building market share.  Using the principles of minimum viable product to ensure the focus on critical business requirements.

Step 4 – Demonstrate & Learn

By taking early prototypes to market, valuable internal and external customer feedback is gained, then used to shortlist viable solutions and identify one product or service for development.

Step 5.  Deliver and Disrupt

A business case is put together, including solution specification, target market and the process required to accelerate delivery to market.

Ongoing value

As well as enabling clients to develop specific solutions to specific problems, the ID2   process can be used as a foundation for developing a broader roadmap to underpin a business information and digital strategy.

Searchlight TeamID2 – Innovation, Information and Digital Disruption