NMC Microsoft Dynamics 365 Transformation Programme Health Check

NMC Microsoft Dynamics 365 Transformation Programme Health Check

Searchlight drive modernisation of technology systems for the Nursing and Midwifery Council  


The Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) had commenced on their transformational journey to modernise their technology systems (MoTS Programme) and to enable the delivery of new business capabilities. As with many change transformations, the NMC MoTS Programme had encountered a few challenges and NMC engaged Searchlight to help accelerate the delivery of their transformational change and to obtain assurance that they were heading in the right direction. 



What Were The Key Challenges? 


The NMC is a non-profit organisation that control the regulation and registration of 745,000+ nursing and midwifery professionals in the UK. The NMC realised they needed to update their technology systems and standardise their business processes to support the effective execution of controls on such a large scale. The organisation had started a Modernisation of Technology Systems (MoTS Programme), however, after two years they were not achieving the expected outcomes at the pace they desired.  


NMC turned to Searchlight to help accelerate their MoTS programme. 


The MoTS Programme is a critical enabler to modernise and transform the technology that supports the streamlining and enhancement of the processes for registration and renewal of professional qualifications, training, and education. Ultimately, the NMC needed to accelerate the benefits realisation from the MoTS Programme and wanted help to change their internal ways of working and encourage the adoption of new methods and technologies. 


What Did Searchlight Do? 


The Searchlight team were engaged to perform a ‘Health Check’ of the MoTS Programme, assessing the business requirements and establishing a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) for the next phase of NMCs transformational journey. As part of this process, Searchlight made several observations and recommendations to optimise the delivery framework and agreed both tactical and strategic interventions to accelerate the transformation. 


Searchlight enabled the delivery framework to be enhanced, outlining the processes, tasks and tools that would be required and provided guidance and structure for the execution of the overall programme. This included an assessment of the NMC architecture standards, to understand the core requirements from the initial concept through to the technical execution.  


Finally, Searchlight evaluated the design and configuration of the technical solution, against the strategic business requirements. This provided assurance that the business needs had been fully taken into consideration within the business solution. 


What Was Achieved? 


The interventions recommended from Searchlight’s health check focused on a combination of delivery approach, governance controls, business solution and technology architecture standards. Throughout the health check process, the MoTS Programme team were engaged and focused on how to improve on the ways of working – rather than just performing an audit to point of what would need to be improved.  


The health check resulted the MoTS Programme team taking ownership and acceptance of observations, recommendations and interventions to help re-shape and re-focus the delivery of the MoTS Programme. 


Tom Moore, NMCs CIO said: “The Searchlight team expertly guided us throughout the process of evaluating our existing MoTS Programme, carefully taking into consideration the NMC business needs. The team was easy to work with and allowed us time to review recommendations and collaborate with them to ensure they met our core requirements.” 


Searchlight worked closely with the NMC team to ensure stakeholders were able to continuously review, challenge and enhance outputs, ensuring all observations, recommendations and interventions made by Searchlight were clearly understood by NMC throughout. This allowed for an open process, with no surprises or concerns at the end of the assignment. A number of changes were quickly implemented during the health check, with action plans in place to re-shape the approach of the subsequent phases of the MoTS Programme. These changes will ensure that the business outcomes will be achieved through the modernisation of NMCs technology systems. 


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