The New Era – Making the most of Technology

The New Era- Making the most of Technology

Change is happening at a rapid pace. Transformation in market structures and technology can quickly lead to misalignment between strategy and business technologies.

The UK Manufacturing industry must embrace and invest in smart technology before it falls behind. A failure to adopt fourth industrial revolution technologies such as big data, artificial intelligence and automated systems will represents a lost opportunity for manufacturers.

How do manufacturers ensure that they are investing in the right technology for business growth and make the most of the new wave of innovation?

Industry Report: The New Era – Making the most of Technology Report

We have spoken to key members of the manufacturing industry, from Wiggle to ex Britvic, to uncover pain points around IT investment and to identify the challenges they face with disparate systems and misalignment of technologies.

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About us

Searchlight Consulting has worked on projects with a wide range of retail and hospitality companies, such as FatFace, Wiggle and Costa Coffee, to help them navigate their way through this challenging landscape.

Experts in strategy alignment and IT-enabled change, or projects related to digital transformation and business improvement, Searchlight helps clients grow, develop new capabilities and future proof their organisations.

If the issues addressed in our report ring true to your company, contact us today for expert help with moving your business to the next level.

Bryan OakThe New Era – Making the most of Technology