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ID2 – The journey towards innovation and digital transformation

Fast-track the future – Searchlight’s ID2 service drives high-speed innovation to sharpen your business edge.

In today’s increasingly global and digitally enabled market place, businesses have to run to stand still. Searchlight gives clients the opportunity to sprint by exploiting the combined power of Innovation, Information and Digital Disruption, (ID2).

Rapid developments in information management and technology have created countless new opportunities – but also brought potential for confusion and costly mistakes.

In these times of change, traditional delivery approaches are no longer adequate. In order to compete, businesses need to be more agile and flexible than ever before.

Our new ID2 (Innovation, Information and Digital Disruption) service has helped clients including Wiggle, Supercamps and Bradfords develop ideas and digitally-enabled strategies that consider the needs of the business today, and ensure a competitive edge for tomorrow’s world.

ID2 unlocks in-house creativity, to deliver innovative solutions – products, services or business capabilities – in a matter of weeks making it ideal for businesses looking to outstrip their competition.

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