Risk, Compliance & Controls essential to digital transformation

Ensure Risk & Compliance isn’t the missing piece of your cloud or digital transformation strategy.

BPM Trends “State of Business Process Management 2020” survey, identified digital transformation and cloud computing as having a significant impact on business process management. The survey also cited that productivity improvements, improving customer satisfaction and effective management of IT resources (e.g. ERP applications) were major drivers for organisations focusing on business process change. However, only 36% were satisfied with their ability to monitor process execution, most have not actually mapped the majority of their processes and only a fraction cited risk and compliance as a key consideration.

This panel discussion will focus on the importance of risk, regulatory and non-regulatory compliance and effective controls that can be implemented in managing business processes. Facilitated and led by Bryan Oak, Head of Strategy & Architecture at Searchlight Consulting, together with SafePaaS CEO Adil Khan, a small, cross-industry panel of leaders will explore how the increasing trend towards hybrid technology landscapes, with multiple cloud business applications working together with legacy, on-premise systems, compounds the ability to effectively monitor process execution and manage risk and data.

Demonstrating effective business controls and managing compliance is becoming increasingly important to many industries and organisations in the digital, fast-paced world we live in and more so with the uncertain landscape at the moment. The panel will provide advice on identification of key risk and process control indicators, as well as the steps that can be taken to ensure that management of risk, compliance, and controls becomes an embedded part of an organisation’s cloud [technology management] operating model.

This panel discussion will provide thought leadership and valuable insights through Q&A.

Bryan OakRisk, Compliance & Controls essential to digital transformation