Should organisations be embracing the transition to SAP S/4HANA?

It’s time to act. Support for SAP ECC is ending in 2025 and SAP would like you to move to its S/4HANA platform, but is it the right choice for your business?

Many SAP’s customers are struggling to understand where the real business value is in moving away from ECC. The product roadmap from SAP itself is one which seems to be rigid and technology driven.

However, this should not be the case, any strategic investment in technology needs to focus on enhancing or adding capabilities to allow agility in this competitive environment. We understand that to benefit a business in the right way, value, cost and risk must be balanced.

Listen to COO of Searchlight, Bryan Oak and CIO Mark Lockton-Goddard debate this issue on the Horizon CIO Podcast.


What is stopping organisations making the move?

  • Speed of implementation

It’s important to consider the limited time on your existing investment. Change management is key and it’s therefore crucial to ensure your organisation has sufficient preparation to achieve a smooth and low risk transition. The path you take should be business-led and not predetermined by SAP. Find out more.

  • Lack of understanding from the wider business

Up to this point, many organisations have spent a lot of time and money on investing in the customisations of their core systems. Therefore, upgrading is not a 5-minute job and can prove very expensive. It is clear that most board directors have a lack of knowledge and interest in SAP meaning issues can arise in persuading the wider organisation. The business focus is on customers, products and data which means that technical conversations can sometimes be left behind. A discussion should always be led by the need for new business capabilities and how these will deliver real value. 


Is the transition worth it? Absolutely. If embraced it can bring true business value.

Organisations have to face up to business change and embrace this era of digital transformation because there is significant value in embracing the new technologies available to you.

  • Opportunity to re-engineer your business and enable agility

We understand that making the move is a large leap and would require due consideration. But without jumping in with both feet you may be missing out on the opportunity for change. New technologies will give you a chance to re-engineer your business in today’s competitive landscape, to ensure the end-user is at the core of your strategy.

The closer you are to the customer, the more agile your organisation is required to be. As we move to a fully connected world, these types of digital changes will be more regular. One way to adopt agility is to view an IT landscape as a set of components meeting business needs. Each component can be adapted or updated according to industry changes.


Want to know more?

Listen to COO of Searchlight, Bryan Oak and CIO Mark Lockton-Goddard debate this issue on the Horizon CIO Podcast.


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Bryan OakShould organisations be embracing the transition to SAP S/4HANA?

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