Is Cloud the End?

Cloud PhotoWhat Does Cloud and Digital Mean for the Future of the IT Organisation?

IT is evolving; the shift to cloud and the concept of “everything a service” has sparked a revolution in the way it operates; traditional roles have been called into question or redefined, new skill sets demanded, and the function of the IT department itself is beginning to transform into something entirely new.

CIOs are navigating in uncharted seas at the moment, dealing with rapidly evolving technologies that offer enormous opportunities and massive challenges in equal measure.

Charles Darwin, whose epic five year voyage on HMS Beagle inspired the theory of evolution, wrote: “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change.”

As trusted advisors, Searchlight is working with companies seeking to unlock the potential offered by rapidly evolving technologies. We’ve seen the opportunities, challenges and pitfalls change poses for business across a wide range of sectors. We’ve also seen how the IT organisations in these companies have responded to the demands placed upon them, and the simple truth is, in order to adapt successfully to change, we must first understand it, and then embrace it.

With this in mind, Searchlight Consulting is bringing some of the brightest IT brains in the country together on March 8th at 4pm (GMT) to discuss what the future holds for the IT organisation on the Cloud Industry Forum’s Bright TALK webinar channel.

We’ll be asking three critical questions:

  • What does the increased adoption of cloud-based, anything-as-a-service offerings mean for the future of IT functions?
  • Looking forwards, what part does IT have to play in the definition and execution of business strategies?
  • Does the future IT function rely more or less on outsourcing and, if so, in which areas? What aspects should be retained in-house?

Our panel will comprise:

Birmingham City University Visiting Professor Rob Pritchard, who has led major change programmes and strategic planning at Allied Domecq, Philip Morris, Japan Tobacco, Britvic and Gillette. His experience as a senior leader in a plc corporate environment coupled with his ‘Big 4’ consulting background enables him to bridge the gap between technologists and business leaders.

Nick Good, Director of Performance and Metrics at international cable TV and internet services provider Liberty Global, ranked one of Forbes’ 100 most innovative companies. Nick is responsible for delivering a performance measurement and governance framework for IT, as well as a continuous and consistent resource capacity view across the IT function.

Nick Skelsey, IT Director for Harding Retail, is currently developing and delivering the technology agenda for this leading cruise retail concessionaire’s next phase of growth. He has 20 years’ IT experience within end-user organisations as a generalist IT and change leader, starting with Diageo and Allied Domecq and progressing to IT Director roles at Unite Students and The Bradfords Group before joining Harding Retail in 2016.

Mark Dermody, IT Director, Costa Coffee, who has focused the last 20 years of his career on supporting a wide variety of ‘bricks and clicks’ retailers in senior IT roles and has a passion for transformational change and how technology can accelerate customer experience improvements in a digital environment.

Join us to hear facts and opinions from the coal face of change – and to ask your own questions too.

The way forward is complex, and every organisation has its own opportunities and challenges. By sharing knowledge and experience, we can, perhaps, make the path easier for all of us. Because, and this one may or may not been have said by Charles Darwin but it’s a good quote anyway: “In the long history of humankind (and animal kind, too) those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed.”

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Bryan OakIs Cloud the End?