Strategy Alignment and IT Enabled Change

Successful IT enabled change programmes involve creating and aligning an IT strategy with a business strategy, focusing on the needs of the organisation in the future.

These types of programmes, linked to enterprise solutions are complex and disruptive so require careful management and tried and tested delivery methods.

Searchlight provide a board level advisory service that offers a disciplined, yet pragmatic and holistic approach to driving business transformation. It’s based on five corner stones for success:

  1. Operating Model Design – to create a picture of the areas of the business that could be changed and even transformed by IT
  2. IT Strategy Alignment – to define the desired benefits, scope the work required, and develop an investment proposal for delivery
  3. Capability Assessment – an assessment of the skills required to successfully deliver and sustain the change
  4. Promotion – a communications programme designed to create buy-in, executive alignment and support from senior executives and stakeholders
  5. Business Improvement – an action plan developed with the client to simplify the execution and delivery of the programme for change
Bryan OakStrategy Alignment and IT Enabled Change