Designing GDPR Compliance into your business operations

Join Searchlight Consulting and QualiTest Sept 13th 2017, 4PM BST for a discussion in designing GDPR compliance into your business operations.

With GDPR, the rules regarding the processing and maintenance of European personal data are about to undergo a tremendous transformation, requiring changes to both human and digital processes, putting your company in extreme financial and business risk.  

Future of the IT Organisation Pt 1

We’re constantly told the world of IT is changing, but when hasn’t that been the case?

Cloud, Digital Transformation, AI, IoT and Big Data are simply the latest in a series of revolutions that have been the lifeblood of Information Technology since the industry began.

What is the Future of the IT Organisation?

Searchlight’s panel of business technology leaders discuss

Cloud impactA global audience gathered together on Wednesday 8th March for our panel discussion on the impact of Cloud and Digital on the Future of the IT organisation, hosted on the Cloud Industry Forum’s BrightTalk channel.…

Is Cloud the End?

Cloud PhotoWhat Does Cloud and Digital Mean for the Future of the IT Organisation?

IT is evolving; the shift to cloud and the concept of “everything a service” has sparked a revolution in the way it operates; traditional roles have been called into question or redefined, new skill sets demanded, and the function of the IT department itself is beginning to transform into something entirely new.

November’s Searchlight Hub – spotlight on Innovation & Digital

Highlights from our recent Searchlight Hub event at which around 30 Associates met to discuss our spotlight topic of Innovation & Digital Disruption.

Hubs are quarterly events for our network of Associates, presenting an opportunity to share information, knowledge, develop new ideas and above all network.…