Business-led, not IT-led

Business-led, not IT-led

This is the third in our series of blogs exploring how retailers can balance the dual aim of investing in technology to improve their customer proposition, while ensuring smooth-running business operations that deliver against shareholder demands and expectations.

Is technology clouding retailers vision?

Is technology clouding retailers’ vision?

How are retailers balancing the dual aim of investing in technology to improve their customer proposition while ensuring smooth-running business operations through an aligned corporate and IT strategy?

The business world has become fixated on having the latest technology, tools and systems, believing they are required to win customers and navigate their way through a time of constant change and economic uncertainty.

Retailers’ must take radical new approach to technology

Retailers’ must take radical new approach to
technology claims new Searchlight Consulting report

Retailers’ are not using technology as effectively as they could be and in some cases it is actually having a detrimental effect on their business, according to a new report from Searchlight Consulting.

Roadmap to 2025: make this your journey, not SAP’s

Roadmap to 2025: make this your journey, not SAP’s

Do you have a compelling reason to move your business to a new ERP platform?

It’s time to make a decision. Support for SAP ECC is coming to an end and the time to act is now, however companies are struggling to find a compelling reason for a move to a new ERP platform.

As a CxO, is your data future-ready?

Data has always been essential to the running of any businesses.

Ancient man used clay tablets to record the numbers of animals bought and sold; our more recent forebears created ledgers and files of information stored on shelves and in filing cabinets.

Accelerating digital transformation


Digital can be seen as both an opportunity and a threat. In this whitepaper, Searchlight Consulting provides a practical framework for organisations to transform at pace by drawing on extensive digital transformation experience, real client scenarios and industry themes. Successful digital transformation requires more than credible technical delivery capability – senior executive alignment and an innovation delivery model, will be the key to achieving digital transformation at pace.…

IT’s A Balancing Act

Being a CIO today involves balance. The need to balance “keeping the lights on” while introducing new technologies.

Integrating those new technologies to allow data to flow seamlessly without anything falling over.   Embracing opportunity while reducing risk.  And balancing budgets as the IT department shifts from Cap-Ex to Op-Ex, steering the transition from IT as a cost centre, to IT as a value centre.

Future of the IT Organisation Pt 1

We’re constantly told the world of IT is changing, but when hasn’t that been the case?

Cloud, Digital Transformation, AI, IoT and Big Data are simply the latest in a series of revolutions that have been the lifeblood of Information Technology since the industry began.

What is the Future of the IT Organisation?

Searchlight’s panel of business technology leaders discuss

Cloud impactA global audience gathered together on Wednesday 8th March for our panel discussion on the impact of Cloud and Digital on the Future of the IT organisation, hosted on the Cloud Industry Forum’s BrightTalk channel.…

Is Cloud the End?

Cloud PhotoWhat Does Cloud and Digital Mean for the Future of the IT Organisation?

IT is evolving; the shift to cloud and the concept of “everything a service” has sparked a revolution in the way it operates; traditional roles have been called into question or redefined, new skill sets demanded, and the function of the IT department itself is beginning to transform into something entirely new.