Fiberweb 2

IT Optimisation & Support

“Searchlight proved a competent and rational hands-on partner, working alongside the Fiberweb business team to support program delivery and fill the technical and process gaps in our internal SAP knowledge. They adapted to the Fiberweb environment and were invaluable in making up shortcomings with the chosen SI, as well as providing sound commercial and delivery advice. The team built excellent relationships with the project team, stakeholders and leadership team which enabled them to add value very quickly and assist the team in making decisions to benefit the business …” Fiberweb


Fiberweb is a global manufacturer of a wide range of nonwoven fabrics and products for specialty industrial, construction and hygiene applications. Their products are found in many crucial applications: filtration, civil engineering, medical devices & products, railways, aerospace, buildings and agriculture. Fiberweb operates 8 production sites in 6 countries. They had selected and implemented SAP’s HR Success Factors business solution, however they were starting to experience business process issues on a day to day basis – specifically, with respect to capturing data, processing performance management, and career development information.

The Challenge

  • Fiberweb’s business processes associated with personal development & career management were encountering a growing number of system relates issues & errors
  • Fiberweb had been left without any success factor manuals, training or system administration guides, and hence were not in a position to administer or resole any of the issues they were encountering
  • The interface between the time management solution and ‘Success Factors’ was not functioning correctly – again, with little supporting information for Fiberweb to resolve
  • The annual performance review cycle was due to commence in the following 3 months and the current processes and solution were not fit-for- purpose

Searchlight Role

  • Searchlight were retained to help Fiberweb stabilise the Success Factors project and create internal capability so that the Client could administer the solution with limited external support moving forward
  • Searchlight reviewed business processes to identify, prioritise and resolve issues – as part of this process, data issues were also reviewed & resolved
  • Searchlight provided training & education to users/administrators to enable them to become self sufficient
  • Searchlight established a support contract for the Success Factors team so we could provide ad hoc support and allow key support packs to be reviewed & applied

Value & Benefit Delivered

  • HR business processes were reviewed and documented correctly
  • All outstanding issues from the original implementation were resolved
  • Training & education was provided, ensuring Fiberweb developed self-sufficiency
  • A framework was provided so that ‘technical & process’ support could be provided should the internal team not feel able to resolve day-to-day issues