accelerating retail digital transformation

Creating a seamlessly integrated way of interacting with your customers, which enables you to evolve your proposition at pace –  is a must have for all customer centric businesses today.

Costa Coffee, one of the worlds leading consumer drinks organisations has evolved their digital proposition by integrating each of their customer channels and creating a platform to align their business, IT and digital strategy.

Join us April 26th 12:00-13:00 BST to discuss:

  • How to rapidly realise the benefits of an integration strategy and how to set out a roadmap to deliver at pace, market test and iterate your digital thinking
  • How to combine innovation, while evolving the customer experience and ensuring seamless integration with transactional solutions
  • How to create a delivery framework that covers innovative thinking, agile evolution of customer experience combined with the challenges of evolving finance, CRM, loyalty, EPOS and analytical capabilities

Our guests for this retail-centric knowledge share are Mark Dermody, Costa CIO joined by Jay Parmar, Searchlight Chief Technology & Digital Officer and Andrew Lapham, Searchlight Chief Innovation Officer.

Mark is a senior IT Professional with experience in medium-sized and large enterprises, he has headed up eCommerce at Sainsbury’s and helped Costa Coffee unify their digital infrastructure. He is joined by Jay and Andrew from Searchlight Consulting who have helped shape successful digital integration for a global portfolio of companies

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Bryan Oakaccelerating retail digital transformation